Who are we?

Lucent Renewables is a developer of renewable energy projects and storage solutions in Europe and selected international markets. We specialize in solar energy and energy storage. We select and develop projects from the site selection through to planning and construction into operational life. Lucent Renewables utilize creative and entrepreneurial approaches to structuring financing and power purchase agreements for our projects. We believe in collaborative, long-term, partnerships with the clients and communities we serve.






Hard Workers

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Our Mission

Lucent Renewables' mission is to develop renewable energy solutions to meet the growing global demand for clean, sustainable, and renewable energy. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do; we have committed to being a first-class provider of environmentally friendly technologies and solutions. To meet this, our renewable energy projects combine our experience with innovation to deliver what is needed by our partners and the communities.

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Our Vision

To combine experience with innovation to develop solar photovoltaic (PV) projects that offer renewable energy and economic benefits.


LR Opens an Office in Poland 2020
LR’s Development Target Expands in 2020
Ukraine War 2022
LR Start’s Developing Storage 2022

Why Solar?

Are you landowner? Lucent is the perfect partner for you.

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Office Address: wyspa Słodowa 7, 50-266 Wrocław, Poland

Registered Address: Mespil House, Sussex Road Dublin, Republic of Ireland